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      History of North Road Racing Pigeon Society

     The original North Road club began in the 1920's and folded in the early 1950's. Ken Moore was at that time a junior and is the only remaining original member of the club.

   Around 1961 Ken Moore and Grant Lunggren and others who are no longer with us once again formed and began to rebuild the North Road club. At that time the club was based in New Westminster and the birds were shipped by rail and released at various stops along the route. Most guys shipped about 10 birds up to 300 miles at .10 cents per bird so a night at the club would cost a member about  $3.00, $1.00 to ship the birds, $1.00 to pool and $1.00 for beer which was .10 cents a glass at the time.

                                " The Good Old Days! "

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   In about 1969-1970 the club moved to Grant and Darlene Lunggren's property in Langley.  A clubhouse was built on the property to house the approximate 70 members flying at that time. Often up to 60 clocks (manuel or capsule) were set per week.

    In 1989 another move was made to find the club a permanent home. A campaign got under way led by Chris Peeman to raise funds through shares sold in order to raise enough funds to obtain a property that would be owned by the club. Through individuals over $42,000.00 was raised and the property was secured. When we took possession of the property both the mobile and the grounds and out building were in a terrible state of neglect but with lots of enthusiasm and hard work huge improvements were made.

    Through the years the look and state of the property has greatly changed. The rental mobile was totally redone, fences were put up, the concrete floor in the cluclubhouse was poured, batvhrooms and kitchen were added, covered area for the truck and trailer, a derby loft was added to provide not only a great get together for out of town and local flyers but an essential money maker to boost the club's finances.

    Although we don't have a huge membership of the 70's as is the case of most clubs we have been lucky in the last few years to welcome new members offering them a great facility that not many clubs are fortunate to enjoy.

     The  club has operated for many years with ups and downs and there have been many changes through the years, we've lost many great flyers as well as good friends and year by year gaining new people to continue on the sport. So we guess the club is continuing to do what it was originally formed to do and that is to enjoy the sport, continue to challenge the birds on what can be an extremly difficult course and most of all "Fly Pigeons"

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